Gene is the main protagonist in The Emoji Movie.


Gene is a yellow emoji that has swift hair. He has green eyes and yellow feet. He has a bit of a gap in his teeth.


Gene is born without a filter and is a Multi-Emoji, which means he can be multiple emojis at will. He is a loyal emoji to his friends, as seen when he goes back to save Hi-5 when he is deleted, and a lot more enthusiastic than the typical 'Meh' emoji. More than anything, he just wants to fit in and has shown to be ambitious.


Early Life

Before the events of the film, Gene was born with multiple expressions, and he wants to fit in just like the other emojis, and just wants to be meh, like his parents: Mel Meh and Mary Meh.

The Emoji Movie

He gets the help of his fellow friend, Hi-5 and as the emoji, Jailbreak, to go on an epic "app-venture" to get the cloud and find the source code.


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